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  1. The Mk1A throttle quadrant differs from the MkIX in a few key areas notably an lever operated action which is required to enable Boost Cutout which later involved into War Emergency Power or WEP. The trim wheels also have a different design to the MkIX.
  2. This add on kit includes not only the Spitfire MkIX throttle quadrant, elevator trim wheel and rudder trim wheel but also the connectors to the universal hub as well as the rig extension pole system to mount the flight controls just where you want them.
  3. Our first product for the P-51D is a biggy! At around 1.5ft x 1ft it is a scale replica of the pedestal and includes a fully articulated land gear lever and flaps lever with elevator, rudder and aileron trim wheels.
  4. An early release of the P-51D pedestal. You can download and print these wheels now and then you will be able to apply the white lettering using the white silicone method
  5. A replica set of elevator and rudder trim wheels for the P-40B. Nice and compact, mounted just where you'd expect them on your left hand side.