Acceptable Use Policy

The short version of this is: Be Respectful, Be Courteous, Be Considerate. You can do these things and still be honest and authentic and enjoy this community.

To spell it out a little more:

  1. Violations of personal rights in the forum are prohibited
    • No harassment, sexism, racism, hate speech
  2. Be careful with humor, irony and sarcasm
    • Your intention may be to raise a smile but your humour may be different to others.
    • No NSFW or obscene content, whether text, images or links.
    • If you aren't sure, play it safe.
  3. Pay attention to the legal regulations
    • Do not infringe copyright by posting content or images where you may be infringing someone else's copyright.
    • Again, if you don't know, play it safe and don't post it.
  4. Be careful with commercial items or self-promotion
    • Share information as a courtesy to others but this is a non-commercial site and no one wants to pay the broadcast costs for unsolicited advertising.
  5. No spam or self-promotion
    • Server-invites, adverts and promotions of your own projects external to AuthentiKit require permission from an Administrator
  6. If you see anything suspicious report it
    • Help us out by reporting anything you see that is suspicious. Others may be feeling uncomfortable too, so just hit that Report button and discretely share your concerns with us. Your feedback will not be shared with others.
    • The Report button is this triangle, which may be in orange or grey and appears in various places.
  7. "Newbies"
    • Nobody will cut off your head if you are new and do not do everything right.