P-51D Throttle Build

Here is a picture of my first AuthentiKit build. My brother is a long time 3D printer and recently bought a new Voron 2.4 printer. He used my parts to get his printer dialed in. At the beginning, I got a chance to learn about elephant foot and other issues with 3D printing :) . By the end, they were coming out perfect!

The build itself was moderately difficult but still eminently doable even for a first timer. The biggest challenge was trying to get all those small parts assembled and the wires threaded through the various tight places. Be sure to read all the instructions and watch all the videos first (including the Spitfire videos) as sometimes it is assumed this isn't your first (and only) build. The pedestal is a much simpler build - I would recommend starting with that if this is your first build.

I used SPAD.next to configure all the controls and get them mapped properly in MSFS. All scripts assume you have properly setup the controller using the encoder configuration tool as discussed in the AuthentiKit video on YouTube. Once the scripts were all working properly, I uploaded the snippets so that others could just use them and not have to figure out the details of how to get them properly configured.

AuthentiKit 3rd birthday competition