Flying Wardrobe

This is the revised version of my flying wardrobe, getting closer but will probably always be a work in progress! It still folds away in about 5 minutes with no tools required.

I've made up a working magnetic compass from a cosmetic tub and a rotary encoder, a working door handle, canopy latch and emergency canopy release. The rotary encoders in the blind flying panel work too. Just about every switch functions in VR, with just a few minor exceptions which I will get around to eventually. I've added the peripheral guages just for appearances. The gunsight has the mods suggested here on the community with the magnifying glass and acrylic sheet. The small addition of piece of paper with a yellow circle on black background glued to the back of the magnifying glass gives a slight impression of the sight in operation.

Next step will be the rudder pedals, I think.

(and I would like to make up a wobble pump and a morse key switch thing but I haven't figured those out yet.)

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  • Love it! Are you on our Discord! You know someone has made a printable compass.

    • I've just joined. Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do! That compass looks great! I have a printer now but I've never designed anything other than on paper, or more often just in my head. Still a steep learning curve!