Plug in flight stick and the Windows stops seeing the hub

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    Completed the wiring on the spade grip and plugged it into the hub. It showed up and calibrated but when I pulled the brake lever I got an error message saying the device could not be connected.

    Unplugged and then went back in and now when I plug it in Authentikit disappears from the windows game controller window. I have made a considerable mess of the wiring i.e. broke a couple and had to join them with a connector.

    Here are a few photos. Thanks for any help


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    These photos are very helpful and I see a problem straight away. Your wires into the RJ45 are way too long and you're very likely shorting across channels. See the length of wire I use and see this close up of an RJ45 and how the teeth of one channel come through the plastic to adjacent channels. This means a bunch of crushed wire from one channel can touch the teeth of an adjacent channel.

    I suggest taking all the wires out, restripping a short 4mm or less length, twist the wires tightly and refit.

    This is the the problem

    Do it like this

    Prepare wires like this

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Stick wiring problem” to “Plug in flight stick and the Windows stops seeing the hub”.
  • Thanks for coming back so quickly. Sorted the connector. photo below but same issue. Authentikit disapears when I plug the stick in. Where would you check next? The RJ45 in the Hub?

  • Here you go. this is after I redid the wiring. So good news the stick no longer makes the board disappear in the game controller window. But the brake lever doesn't appear to work, pressing the top fire button lights up 2 lights and the stick is locked to the top left in the calibration square. :(

  • OK, so we're making progress. You say the board now appears but is that something random or as a result of something else you did since your last post? I have to say that these RJs look just as worrying (purple rings) as the control ones, so before we isolate circuits could you please redo them with nice short neat exposed wire ends?

    i.e. more like this

  • thanks for the help. really appreciated. will give it another go. I think it now appears cause I re did the wiring in the rj45 in the photo above. it was worse that that before :(

  • HI. Just coming back to say thanks. Really appreciated. Haven’t had Chance to do the rewiring yet but will get there. Loving the throttle assembly but during light use my mixture lever snapped off. It looks like there is no infill. At least I have my own printer now so will look to print myself.


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