Spitfire MkIX Flight Stick Not Connecting / Bodnar Not Recognised

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    Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A 2.2 (Flight Stick)
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    Thanks for assisting in Troubleshooting. I completed building the flight stick and after plugging it into the hub, the Bodnar exe app will not connect to any of my ATK controls. If I unplug the stick, it recognizes the other controls again (rudder and elevation trims, and quadrant). I've checked every wire in both RJ45s for tightness, correct order and no stray strands). All wires in the hub are on the correct pins according to the wiring diagram. I thought it might have been the pitch maghall wires coming off, as that happened twice when trying to fiddle with the pitch maghalls and spring, but it looked fine when I took it apart again. I took zoomed photos of every wire connection along the way to make sure no strands were bridging after learning my lesson on the trim controls. I had to buy some hall sensors from Amazon (same model # from the ATK parts list) and I'm wondering if they might be bad. Doubting that would make the Bodnar app not connect though? Will also add that the RJ45 gets a little warm but I unplug the hub after testing if it is working.

    Attached are photos taken after partial disassembling, so these show the current connection situation. I have a multimeter arriving today so I can check continuity (will have to figure that out)

    I used the ATK Youtube video posted 2 years ago (video #HavW5-irh6I) for assembly instructions.

  • I think I found a problem. The copper wire bridging between the trigger switches was no longer connected. It was a pain putting that part together when I had slack in the wires, it's hell now with no wire slack. I am not reading any continuity on the copper wire no matter how I connect it to the black wire and switch leg. Do you see a problem if I fashion some sort of small bit of wire to bridge over to the ground of the other switch instead of the copper wire?

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    If it gets warm then something is shorting. There should be no heat. The loose connection on the tact switches wouldn't cause the problem you see but look at this purple ringed bit. You need to reposition that red wire as it could be contacting the black. See how the teeth in the channels protrudes through the plastic wall and the red could be touching the exposed metal.

    Also, check the legs on your halls. Keep them apart from each other and pressed into the black channels to there's no risk of them touching. One looks close and the other almost certainly touching.In both cases positive is very close to negative which is a short. Red-White or Red-yellow or blue-white or blue-yellow touching would give a reading of 100% or 0% but red-black or red-blue touching would create a short and shut down your Bodnar board.

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