Spitfire MkIX Add On Kit B 3.0.2

This add on kit includes not only the Spitfire MkIX throttle quadrant, elevator trim wheel and rudder trim wheel but also the connectors to the universal hub as well as the rig extension pole system to mount the flight controls just where you want them.


The "Add-On Kit" designation means that it isn't just the flight controls that are included with this download. In addition you get the mounting system to the primary rig (monitor stand) and other parts/information needed to connect these controls to the Universal Hub configuration as per the Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A.

This download contains everything you need to build the throttle quadrant, elevator trim wheel and rudder trim wheel. The following items are included.

  1. All 3D printable CAD files (in STL or 3MF) format required to print the parts for the throttle quadrant and trim wheels as well as the rig extension
  2. Wiring diagrams - for controls and updates to the universal hub to support these extra controls
  3. Bill of Materials - other hardware parts (bearings, screws etc) you will need
  4. Assembly steps
  5. An inventory of the screws so you can cross check which screw size is used where

The controls are mounted using quick release plates to Rig Extension A which is fixed to your inverted monitor stand as per the photo. See The Rig.

Here is how it all looks with the flight stick in place as well. This image was kindly provided by AuldMutt from our Discord server.

Assembly Videos

Here are the main assembly videos, but see the download documentation for other supporting videos. If you have questions specific to this flight control or want any clarification about an assembly step please use the Comments section of this download.

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  • Version 3.0.2

    * Updated the MagHall6803F and MagHall6803HXF to V3 for improved fit

    * Emphasised the importance of watching the Loose Fit Calibration Video before printing

  • Version 3.0.1

    Very minor changes to documentation only. See changes.txt

  • Version 3.0

    1. Creative Commons licence changed
      • from: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
      • to: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
    2. Added hydraulic damping to throttle lever
    3. Upgraded bomb release button with new clinch button design
    4. Upgraded WEP detent with ball spring detent system
    5. Strengthened prop/RPM lever with extended MagHall peg
    6. Added more clearance between prop/RPM friction disc and prop MagHall
    7. Included printable felt templates 1 to 4
    8. Included batch print pre-orientated 3MF files
    9. List of 14 new files for reprinting if coming from 2.2 (if coming from 1.0 you should reprint all throttle/aircsrew maghall components):
      1. Airscrew MagHall Peg.3mf
      2. Clinch Body.3mf
      3. Clinch Button.3mf
      4. Clinch Button Cap.3mf
      5. Felt Template I.3mf
      6. Felt Template II.3mf
      7. Felt Template III.3mf
      8. Felt Template IV.3mf
      9. Front Panel.3mf
      10. MagHall 6803HXF Cap.3mf
      11. Prop Friction Disc.3mf
      12. Separator plate.3mf
      13. Throttle Lever.3mf
      14. Throttle screw Cap.3mf (I think this got changed but not 100% sure ! )
  • Version 2.2

  • Just to let you know that I have just replaced the felt on the v1 spit throttle after 850hours milsim flying. Not bad! Only the throttle felt needed replacing (mixture lever was fine). After it was replaced whole unit was like new. Thought you would find the number useful. Rest of the kit is still running like the day I put it on the rig - Stick has done 1200hours!

  • It would be great to have a new assembly instructions PDF with all the old/new parts for the shown, I'm having a hard time visualizing them to keep track and packing them. A list with pictures would suffice. Thanks :)

  • Hello, great stuff as always !!

    Can you please tell me which parts are different from V1 to V3 ? Maybe an extra list ?

    I love the damper . Feels great in the chassis lever !

    Thank you ,


  • My Spitfire Controls Build.

    Hi, I love flying my FlyingIrons Spitfire Mk IX in MSFS and did so for a while with my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. I wanted to share a few pics of the 3D printed controls to mimic the cockpit of a Spitfire. Authentikit is a free downloadable "kit" you can print and assemble yourself. I ordered the non 3D printed parts from simkitsupplies website. Shipped form UK to NY in 5 days. My local Library has a maker space with a Bambu X1 Carbon Printer. Their "guy" was knowledgeable to the point I shared my project with them, and they printed these parts for me for $30. I bought filament in the colors I wanted.

    Costs, I spent $277 on all the wiring and hardware for a full cockpit. Spade grip and Landing gear are being printed right now. I have flap lever, throttle quadrant, and elevator and rudder trims and the mounts done and working! I spent $100 on 4 spools of PLA+ filament, and $30 on printer time. I figure I need another $100 in time and materials to have all 7 major components done for a full cockpit. $600 total project cost including the Mount-it Monitor stand. The cost of my Honeycomb rig was $349 + $250 and $260 for Pedals. Effectively you get a dedicated Spitfire cockpit replica.

    There's no feeling like dogfighting 3 spitfires over NYC when you have controls that replicate what you seen in your VR cockpit. I'll post the last 2 parts, spade grip and landing gear lever, once done. Just wanted to share this project. I don't fly DCS but all this works there too.

    I've since added the Gear and Flaps Lever. Spade Grip is being assembled.

    Authentikit Spitfire Mk IX controls. Noob friendly 3D printed controls. No solder, simplest tools. : MicrosoftFlightSim (reddit.com)

  • Outstanding product


    I just finished assembling and testing the quadrant and the wheels.

    Before this project I didn't own or had ever used a 3D printer, but i have been an enthusiast flight simmer for a while now, playing in VR

    The idea is very enticing to me: build you own flight controls and use them in vr in your sim, but the concept is genius. By leveraging the power of 3D printing and of a whole enthusiastic and engaged community, I can see Authentikit delivering on its mission of creating and delivering products that are desirable, easy to produce, easy to assemble and easy to use, and by building the business as a freeware model thinking about how to make it possible to implement each project, how to standardize and modularize, involve a whole community that will provide ideas, designs and feedback.

    This whole thing is genius. Thank you, Phil, for what you have done so far. I look forward to having shelfs full of Authentikit controls and having a great time making them and using them.

    This is truly something that exceeded all my expectations, and 5 starts is just about right.

    Reply from Administrator ():

    That is a very generous and kind review. Many many thanks!

  • Another great addition

    This is my 3rd build now. Still very impressed. I would say the throttle has need the most gentle fettling so far out of the stick, trims and now throttle. That said, a small nail file here and there is all that is needed to get a really good fit. I have found using a small piece of insulating tape on the back of the MagHalls helps ensure that the wires and Hall Sensor legs stay in place. But overall 10/10 again :thumbup:

  • Great design and straightforward prints. Great at work!

    Great design and straightforward prints. Great at work once put together.

  • It’s incredible that we can download a file, print out parts and wire them up as a custom game controller. This project has inspired so much joy and is the best example of open source hardware I’ve come across.

    I recently upgraded my version 1 build of the throttle to version 3. The hydraulic damping is a must! Simply incredible. I just wish it was built in to the mag hall housing itself so that it could be used on all three levers.

    I’m using 3/4” iron pipe as a mounting system and it works fantastic. Thanks so much for designing this!