Spitfire Mk1A Quadrant and Trim Wheels 1.2

The Mk1A throttle quadrant differs from the MkIX in a few key areas notably an lever operated action which is required to enable Boost Cutout which later involved into War Emergency Power or WEP. The trim wheels also have a different design to the MkIX.

This download contains the following items:

  1. All 3D printable CAD files (in STL or 3MF) format required to print the parts for the throttle quadrant and both trim wheels
  2. Wiring diagram
  3. Bill of Materials - other hardware parts (bearings, screws etc) you will need
  4. Assembly steps
  5. An inventory of the screws so you can cross check which screw size is used where

The throttle and trim wheels mount to the primary rig system using Rig Extension A which is included in the Spitfire MkIX Add On Kit B or is available separately. All three controls plug in to the AuthentiKit Universal Hub.

This is the main assembly video but see the documentation for supporting videos.

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  • Version 1.2

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