Mounting System V2 1.0

A strong all metal system for mounting an AuthentiKit flight stick and cockpit sidewall controls

The AuthentiKit mounting system V2 introduces a number of changes and upgrades to the legacy mounting system. Whilst it still relies on an inverted monitor stand as a strong sturdy base the following areas are different.

  • The aluminium pole attached with 3D print brackets is replaced with the steel arms of the monitor stand
  • Flight controls are mounted directly to the arms
  • A printed arm lock prevents the arms rotating around the pole
  • The flight stick no longer uses the VESA bracket but mounts to a stick mount that attaches directly to the jaws of the arms

This download includes many CAD files for a variety of purposes and you will only need to print a selection of these depending on your situation.

  • Arm Grip You will use one of these for every sidewall mounted control such as a trim wheel, unless you are using a control which needs to be raised up above the monitor arm in which case Arm Grip Holy is used which contains a hole for an additional screw. The normal Arm Grip fits to VESA
  • VESA attaches to Arm Grip with 3x M4 10mm screws and provides the primary flight control mount
  • Arm Grip Holy use this in place of Arm Grip if you need to use VESA 200 Riser instead of VESA
  • VESA 200 Riser is like VESA but lifts the quick release plate up by 200mm above the arm - currently used for P-51D throttle. It requires Arm Grip Holy
  • Arm Lock LHS is the left hand side of the arm lock which prevents the pole grip rotating
  • Arm Lock RHS pairs with Arm Lock LHS
  • Arm Lock LHS Offset is an alternative to Arm Lock LHS but takes 20mm M5 bolts instead of 40mm bolts
  • Arm Lock RHS Offset pairs with Arm Lock RHS
  • Arm Extension adds an extra 200mm to the length of an arm by fixing into the jaws of the outermost arm section
  • Arm Endpiece goes into the jaws of the final arm section to make it nice'n'tidy
  • Stick Mount Short is a mounting for the flight stick. It goes into the jaws of the lowest arm section
  • Stick Mount Long Angled is an an alternative to Stick Mount short and is used if extra length is needed to to avoid the arm sections catching your left leg

For further information about how these parts are used see this video on mounting system V2

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