14-port Hub for BU0836X, with lid & board clasp 3.0.0

Superseded Components
TEST SECTION IS JUST A TEST ---This download uses the following oudated control device: MagHall6803F

There is a new version available from xxxxx that is a better fit to the maglever and avoids the issue that the maglever may not seat fully and cause rubbing/friction against nearby objects.

The designer has been notified and a new download will be prepared in due course. In the meantime you can substitute the device from the above link manually.

14-port box for Leo Bodnar BU0836X board, with lid & board clasp

Amended : better alignment of lid holes. Also, entire design now in Fusion 360.

Simple copy of the existing 10-port Hub from Authentikit, but elongated slightly to incorporate the longer Leo Bodnar BU0836X board. The board is raised sufficiently such that the cabling can be routed underneath the board.

Please feel free to comment here or on the main Authentikit Discord channel.

Phil S.

  • Version 3.0.0

    V3 - Added 3 tabs to the inside of the lid - these stop the RJ45 walls from flexing

  • Version 2.0.0

    Contents :
    - Box for BU0836X

    - Clasp to hold board stable

    - Lid