Unihub Expansion Pack 1.0.0

Upgrade your Authentikit Unihub with these free parts.

The Authentikit Unihub [Link to ATK Unihub] uses the Leo Bodnar BU0836A 12-bit Joystick Interface Board [Link to Leo Bodnar Website] in its standard form. The 10x RJ45 sockets on the standard Unihub provides 80 lines to wire to Authentik devices. However, some Authentikit devices do not use all 8 comms lines in the RJ45 socket, such as the Spitfire Flap Lever that only uses 3 wires, and so the Unihub can quickly run out of RJ45 sockets if you have more Authentikit flight controls.

This download allows you to have a further 3x RJ45 sockets in your Unihub. It has been modified to remove the large clampdown base the box has, but a small one has been left to allow you to glue/bond/bolt a larger one on should you need. If you are using this box then the standard Unihub lid will fit (cutting down on plastic waste) although you can use the new one if you wish. If you only need one extra socket then a socket blank has been designed to allow you to blank off any gaping keystone holes in the box too. It it designed to use an M4 x 8mm countersunk screw.


For those that run out of buttons on the standard BU0836A then Leo Bodnar produces a BU0836A Break-Out Board [Link to Leo Bodnar] that piggy-backs on the main board. This expands the number of button pushes to 32 separate buttons - but beware, many Authentikit flying controls use common-ground for their buttons so these will need to be rewired individually to do so. However, for those building bespoke flying controls using the Authentikit architecture, then the USB Matrix Cover STL and the Matrix Board Support STL have been designed to enable you to fit the Matrix board with the use of M2 x 20mm screws or bolts. The USB Cover should attach with M4 x 8mm countersunk screw.


Finally, the box can use the standard lid, or you can opt to use the one I have designed with the Authentikit logo and the Leo Bodnar detail on it.

Please note that if you use the Leo Bodnar Break-Out Matrix Board you will likely need to reconfigure your Authentikit Flying Controls. Therefore, please consider carefully. However, if you just wish to have a further 3 sockets to wire to the standard BU0836A single board, then no reconfiguring of your Authentikit controls should be necessary as long as you follow the Authentikit wiring diagrams carefully.

  • Version 1.0.0