Alternative Spitfire MkIX spade handle with Crackle Grip 1.0

AuthentiKit Compatibility
Fully AuthentiKit Compatible

A replacement spade handle for the Spitfire MkIX stick with the dunlop classic Dunlop 'Crackle' grip designed in. Replace your existing spade grip or print clamshell add-on parts for existing builds.

A replacement spade grip handle. Only compatible with the Spitfire MkIX stick. If you have already built the stick it is a very daunting prospect dismantling the whole stick to use this handle as an alternative, For that reason there is the option of clamshell add-on parts for existing builds.

If you take the add-on approach you will need to use glue to attach the 2x two halves of grip. The image opposite shows the add-on approach with an original stick printed in PLA and the grip printed in TPU and glued on.

Important Note

The clamshell add-on grips are only designed to fit a more recent design for the spade handle. If you are an early supporter of Authentikit, your spade handle may have too sharp a corner on the lower left side to fit the crackle-grip. In this case, either print the latest version of the spade handle or print the combined spade-handle-and-crackle in this download.

Printing notes

For combined Spade Grip with Crackle, slice & print 20230118_SpadeGripCrackle.stl inside 'Combined Spade Grip' folder

For separate Crackle parts to affix to an existing Spade Grip, print parts inside 'Separated Parts' folder.

'Separated Parts' folder has three different size variations - 'Actual Size' theoretically perfectly fits the spade grip, 1% oversize is scaled to be 101% of the size required, 2% oversize 102%.

Choose oversize if concerned about calibration of your printer and fitting parts together.

Printing orientation should be reasonably straightforward - refer to 'Sliced in Cura' and 'Sliced in PrusaSlicer' for examples. Should not require any support or brims, but your mileage may vary.

For best 'feel', print it in a flexible filament like TPU or print it in PLA and cover it in a thin rubber wrap like 0.3mm Nitrile Nylon:


  • Version 1.0

    Version 1.0 released 18 January 2023

  • Printed at 2% oversized. Printed well with a snug fit with a slight gap between the shell halves. Carefully sanded the insides with a Dremel sanding drum so that the halves met. Bonded in place with superglue using tape to bind until dry. Made a mix of Humbrol plastic model filler and Plastic weld adhesive to brush into any gaps and at the ends to mimic the blended ends formed by the original Dunlop finish.

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