Spitfire MkIX Starter Kit A 2.10.0

Our very first AuthentiKit flight control was the iconic "spade handled" Spitfire MkIX flight stick. This download is a "starter kit" containing the flight stick and Universal Hub needed to connect it to your PC.


The meaning of "Starter Kit" is that the download contains not just a flight control but also the Universal Hub needed to connect controls to your PC. You only need one Universal Hub, so you'd only ever need one starter kit.

This download contains everything you need to build the flight stick as well as the Universal Hub which connects everything to your PC. The following items are included.

  1. All 3D printable CAD files (in STL or 3MF) format required to print the parts for the flight stick and Universal Hub
  2. Wiring diagrams - flight stick and universal hub
  3. Bill of Materials - other hardware parts (bearings, screws etc) you will need
  4. Assembly steps
  5. An inventory of the screws so you can cross check which screw size is used where

The flight stick mounts to an inverted monitor stand which attaches to a desk. See The Rig.

Here is the main assembly video, but see the download documentation for other supporting videos:

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  • Version 2.10.0

    Creative Commons licence changed

    - from: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

    - to: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

  • Version 2.9

    v2.9 Release 1 February 2022

    • Correction to Bill of Materials. Fire button spring not used. Zip tie included.
    • Upgraded Pitch Lug.3mf file - More allowance for longer dowel pins prevents stress and risk of breakage

    v2.8 Release 4 November 2021

    • New Bill of Materials

    v2.7 Release 29 July 2021

    • Minor change to documentation to reflect the new consolidated assembly video. No STL changes

    v2.6 Released 04 April 2021

    • All STL folders include a readme file emphasising the importance of calibration
    • "Slotted Case 3.STL" is easier to thread wires through
    • "PitchLever2.1.STL" is easier to thread wires through
    • Assembly guide states you need 3 each of the MagHall base/peg/cap
  • If the screw holes on the spade, for the Hall Sensor Cover are too large for the kit screws, you can fill the holes with 2mm wide zip ties, sold on Amazon, the screws will hold after that.

    • I can see that working ... perhaps I should tighten those holes up too? They are currently 1.8mm but I'm sure 1.6mm would work fine and have less chance of being loose.

    • Yes, that probably would work. The other holes are perfectly sized for all the other screws.

  • imersion in VR is unreal

    having to swap hands to engage the gear lever, doing the spit wobble... love the design and flying with it :thumbup:

  • Spitfire Mk. IX full kit review

    If your into flight simulation and ww2 aeroplanes then look no further than Authentikit!

    Simply select your build kit of choice for your favourite vintage war bird and your ready to go wing commander!

    Either choosing to download the 3d build schematics and printing the parts yourself or using one of the printing services endorsed by authentkit.

    The process isn't as complex as it first might seem and sure enough you'll be cracking on with your first build but be warned, it gets ADDICTIVE.

    The overall feel and immersion the product provides is simply unparralled in the general ww2 sim universe.

    With fully functioning machine gun and cannon triggers, bomb release buttons and fluid flight stick control to name a few.

    The attention to detail is mind blowing!

    No exageration , you really feel like your not just flying the spit but actually "putting it on" like the old veterans used to say!

    With quality components and flawless support from the Authentikit discord community, getting on with your build is no daunting task!

    My printing service provider was able to provide me with spare parts when I needed them.

    The community is very special and like most flight simulation enthusiasts, don't do things by halves!

    A very special product that adults and children could both enjoy and educate themselves at the same time with!

    Thank you very much Authentikit!

  • Authentic Immersion

    What can I say, a huge thanks to Phil for all his time and efforts. I first saw this in early 2021 and the Authentikit project inspired me to learn about 3D printing.

    Back in the day I programmed, set and operated 4 axis CNC machines for a living, after serving my time in electronics and microelectronic engineering... so 3D printing really did interest me, but I thought it was for other people.. until I came across Phil Hulme and his community based project.

    I learnt fast with the help of Phil and a few of the 'gangsters' on his discord was printing in no time at all.

    I'm happy to report that aside from having to print a few bits again, the Spit MkIX stick is still going strong.... printed 2 at the same time so my flying buddy could tag along as my wingman (or am I his?)

  • Amazing, Immersive Spade Grip

    A little over a year ago I was asked to review the Authentikit Spitfire Mk IX Spade Grip. I agreed and was sent a fully assembled Spade Grip and Universal Hub (Starter Kit A).

    I will condense my review in here to a few words, amazing, immersive and extremely well designed.

    I have been using it now whenever I fly the Spit, for over a year, it has performed flawlessly over that time and is still going strong.

    I can honeslty say that the added immersion of holding a spade grip whilst flying the Spit, especially in VR, is unbeatable and the large throw range of the axis mean that I have precise control over the aircraft. I could't go back to a "normal" stick for flying the Sptifire after this!!

  • Where it all started

    This was the project that got me into Authentikit, 3D printing, the whole thing. Brilliant.

    There were definitely some tricky parts to this build, particularly feeding the wires through the guides towards the end of the build. I think this has been updated since, but if you're using silicon wires then a little bit of talcum/baby powder can help stop them sticking. I'd recommend completing a trim wheel or gear leaver if you're daunted, but it is still doable as a first build if you're patent.

    I really had fun with the painting, weathering and custom decals on this one too.