Spitfire Blind Flying Panel (MkIX and Mk1 options) 1

The classic blind flying panel used in the Spitfire as well as other WW2 era aircraft.

This blind flying panel is intended to complete the visual impact of your Spitfire cockpit. Although it is not currently functional it does have the capacity to provide a sim input for altimeter and gyro calibration. You can also choose simply to hang it on the wall with a picture hook if you wish.

This download contains the following items:

  1. All 3D printable CAD files (in STL or 3MF) format required to print the parts for the flying panel
  2. Bill of Materials - other hardware parts (bearings, screws etc) you will need
  3. Assembly steps
  4. Printable background graphics to stick to your instruments. Gloss photo paper is best.

The panel mounts to the Instrumental Panel Mounting System which attaches to a desk.

Assembly Videos

Here is the main assembly video, but see the download documentation for other supporting videos. If you have questions specific to this flight control or want any clarification about an assembly step please use the Comments section of this download.

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  • Version 1

    Version 1

  • Dashboard

    fine looking dash

  • Great fun putting this together

    This blind flying panel goes together really well. Not strictly necessary for VR flying :D but it really looks the part and gives a much more complete look to the Authentikit Spitfire MK I or IX setup.

    I didn't deviate much from the standard build. I sourced slot head and hex bolts to better match the reference photos. Created a few new 3d printed parts to allow the pressure adjust and compass adjustment dials to be wired up to an ethernet port, with similar wiring to the combined trim wheels.

    I'd love to get this working with servos and/or stepper motors, but that's for another day!

    Ethernet port box:

    All together with gunsight and flaps lever:

  • Blind Flying Panel

    Another excellent addition - my first one will be going on the office wall at HQ Air Command!

    A couple of fiddly bits on the Turn & Slip Gauge - I ended up drilling through the needle cover to adjust it to the right height and then snipping off the tops of the 1.75mm PLA pieces. Still another 10/10 from me. Thanks again.

    PS. It’s important to get the instruments reading something sensible. My first attempt had the artificial horizon showing the aircraft turning right but the turn & slip showed it turning left! ^^