Tools and Calibration 2.0

Tools to make it easier to build flight controls as well as the all important calibration prints

This is Version 2 of the print files usually included in the tools and calibration folder accompanying AuthentiKit flight controls. The key difference is the inclusion of calibration test V2. The previous test checked for external dimensions against a 6003 bearing and internal dimensions against a 5mm3 magnet. V2 tests internal dimensions against a 684 bearing.

The V2 test is preferable to the original test in that 5mm3 magnets vary in dimensions by a much larger margin than 684 bearings which may affect the quality of your prints or how well they fit together.

This download includes the following files.

  1. Original calibration test
  2. Calibration test V2
  3. Screw length quick test for M4 countersunk screws - shown in picture
  4. Hex bit holder for phillips head drivers (the one Phil always uses in the videos)

Print Calibration

For more information about how to use the print calibration test and other print settings see