Rig Extension A - Non Standard Grips 1.0

If you haven't been able to source the Allcam/Mount-It system you may have tubes that are not the standatd 27mm / 35mm. This is a kit of grips for different diameter poles

I will develop this kit over time as people request different options. At present it includes.

  • Short Arm VESA mount for a 25.5mm cross pole rather than the standard 27mm
  • Long Arm version of above
  • A clutch grip for a 25.5mm cross pole
  • The other half of the clutch grip this time for a 32mm down pole if your monitor stand is not the usual 35mm
  • Flexibility to allow use of different poles

    The 32mm OD vertical pole is used by the Wheel Stand Pro system and if you have an RGS module, you can now clamp a 27mm horizontal pole to it to mount AuthentiKit units. I used this for the Spitfire chassis lever.