Mustang P-51D Trim Wheels 1.0

An early release of the P-51D pedestal. You can download and print these wheels now and then you will be able to apply the white lettering using the white silicone method

This is an early release of just the trim wheels which will be part of the Mustang P-51D pedestal coming in later March / early April 2022. This image shows the full pedestal with the three trim wheels in place. It is recommended to print the trim wheels in black PLA and then use the white silicone method of adding the white lettering inlay.

The full pedestal will be an accurate full scale replica of the real flight control, with original CAD design work by Stiggles (Discord ID) and adapted to the AuthentiKit system by Phil Hulme. It will comprise the following features

  • Elevator trim wheel
  • Rudder trim wheel
  • Aileron trim wheel
  • Landing gear
  • Flaps lever

If this is your first AuthentiKit flight control you will also need the AuthentiKit Universal Hub Starter Kit and Upgrade Kit to connect this control to your PC and have full functionality. You can download the files and assembly instructions for the AuthentiKit Universal Hub Starter Kit here and the Upgrade Kit here.

This white lettering technique is explained in the following YouTube video.

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  • P-51 Trim Wheels

    Nice Work Phil Keep up the good work.

    As soon as Phil uploaded the files I started straight away.

    I highly recommend Authentikit System 8)

    I first used ca glue to fill in the gaps of the letters centers, sand them back smooth. one light coat of black to cover the glue. Once dried I smear on the putty then wipe of excess then use a damp cloth (water based putty) to wipe of remaining. Any areas that still have have some were you don't want ill re-dampen the cloth and carefully rub dilute the putty till it dissolves. then wipe clean. This method was used on the rudder trim, as the others were already done and I was not 100% happy with it. Had to think of a way to make it better.

    Reply from Administrator ():

    That was quick ! Lovely finish too.