Universal Hub Upgrade Kit 1.2

The starter kit version of the Universal Hub supports 4 flight controls. This extends it to 10 so you can add flaps, landing gear and more.

There is no 3D printing required to extend the Universal Hub with this Upgrade Kit. This download includes the following:

  1. Parts needed to add 6 more inputs for:
    • Flaps
    • Landing gear
    • Second engine input
    • Radiator/Cowl flaps
    • Support for additional controls to come
  2. Wiring diagram
  3. Assembly guide
  • Version 1.2

    * Added second engine wiring to support Mosquito FB

  • Version 1.1

  • On page 3 of the V3 wiring diagram, you state that the wiring is after you complete the spade grip build, the configuration is acceptable, then on page 4, you state, "remove unnecessary wiring". Are you actually saying this is an alternative option, to simplify the wiring for the spade grip?

    Or do you mean that you must remove these unnecessary wires, to continue with the installation