Alternative Spade grip mounting base for extruded aluminum simpits. 1.0.0

Designed to mount to various aluminum extrusion configurations.


This is a non standard mounting system for custom rigs based on extruded aluminum.

This mod includes an alternative base design to be used with the Authentikit Spitfire Spade grip. I designed this for my personal simpit setup which is made of 15 series extruded aluminum. I decided to make it modular with a selection of different mounting plate options that should allow others with extruded aluminum cockpits to easily adapt it to their setup as well.

I've included mount plates for both 40 series (metric) and 15 series (imperial) aluminum profile.

Here is how the mounting system looks in situ on a rig.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • What size is the aluminium extrusion shown in the picture? Thus could be a great option for my DOF Reality P3 mounting problems

  • Built Plate 01

    I didn’t want to use the standard Authentikit mount as I already have a DCS sim with a Thrustmaster Warthog stick. This modification was just what I was looking for as I can now adapt it for use and mount it as required. Thank you so much. :thumbup: :thumbup: