Non-Standard Add Ons

This section is for add-ons to AuthentiKit designs which have been designed by AuthentiKit community members but are not compatible with the AuthentiKit system. Cockpit builders and enthusiasts may wish to try these addons even though they will not necessarily work with the AuthentiKit Universal Hub or are incompatible for other reasons. They may need custom wiring and/or custom hardware. These controls are offered as-is. If you'd like to discuss any issues please do not use any AuthentiKit support channels but contact the designer via their Discord ID within the AuthentiKit Discord Server.

  1. This makes a base for use with the Authentikit Alternative Spade Grip Mounting Base for extruded aluminum simpits. It allows the stick to be mounted on the floor.
  2. Facsimiles of Spitfire Mk I and Mk II rudder pedals for Thrustmaster T.Flight Rudder Pedals
  3. This merges the Authentikit Spitfire Mk IX pedals with some bespoke modifications to some Thingiverse derived pedals.
  4. Spitfires had an alarm that would go off if the throttle was closed without the landing gear being lowered. This amendment to the Authentikit Mk1a Throttle Quad reproduces that facility.